Collection: Total Solar Eclipse - 04.08.2024

Why E11even..?

This composite image of the total eclipse on April 8, 2024 is composed of 11 separate images that I have carefully curated and composed in my post production editing stage.

The number 11 is not just a number to me, it is my number, my favourite number. Eleven holds a lot of lifetime memories, superstition, and good fortune for me.  It goes beyond the surface of just being a number.  When piecing this composite photograph together and having used 11 different images in the end - I simply couldn’t escape the mindset of E11even, both the number and the visual of the way I have chosen to write this special edition image title. 

Read about the behind the scenes of the solar eclipse. 

Signed Artist's Proofs are available for this collection - contact me for purchasing info.