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International award-winning photographer Dave Sandford is best known for his dramatic collection, Lake Erie - Liquid Mountains.  Submerging himself into the freezing waters of Erie, Sandford’s striking images reveal the violent & breathtaking beauty of this Great Lake.

His viral waves paved the way for a lifelong dream, a meaningful career in conservation & wildlife photography.


Sandford, a native of London, ON. Canada originally established himself as a world class photographer around the ‘frozen ponds’ of the National Hockey League. During Sandford’s time at his Alma Mater - Toronto Metropolitan University, Sandford channelled himself into the world of professional sports photography. Sandford’s work in sports quickly grabbed the attention of others & he found himself with a rinkside seat at the professional ranks before he even completed his degree.


Sandford’s storied career in professional sports brought him international recognition & established Sandford early on as one of the leaders in the industry. With over 25 years of experience Sandford’s work has landed him roles with sports giants such as the NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, the Canadian Olympic Committee, Sports Illustrated and Getty Images to name a few. While Sandford still has a foothold on pro sports, these days you are more likely to find Dave face to face with a polar bear on frozen tundra or dancing with whales under the sea.


Throughout Sandford’s career the call of the wild continually whispered in his ear.  Sandford’s passion for nature and wildlife led Dave down a path with strong ties to conservation. In 2015 when Sandford’s Liquid Mountain’s grabbed the world by storm, Sandford channelled that momentum at this pivotal point in his career, to make the shift into nature photography.


Seizing opportunities in wildlife conservation, Sandford quickly transitioned into this role, once again establishing himself as sought-after leader in the industry.  Sandford turned this into his opportunity to roam where the wild things are.


Canadian to the core, and similarly to his spirit animal, the polar bear - Sandford is right at home when the mercury dips well below the freezing mark. Making his first trip to the Arctic in 1997, Sandford now has over 20 expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica to his credit. With saltwater coursing through his veins, Sandford has also taken his photographic skills into the world’s oceans, swimming alongside natures gentle giants (whales) or finding himself face to face with another of Sandford’s favourite subject’s, the great white shark.


Claws, paws or jaws, wide open spaces or tiny places, Sandford enjoys showcasing the beauty of our natural world, blended with exciting and insightful storytelling from his adventures both near and far. It is Sandford’s hope that by sharing what he loves, others will share in that love - promoting positive change in the preservation of our wild spaces and those wonderful creatures who inhabit them.



You can find Sandford’s work in many traditional international publications including National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Canadian Geographic, Reader’s Digest, The Surfer’s Journal, MacLean’s, Natures Best and many others.

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2021 Canadian Geographic Photos of the Year / Wildlife in Action 1st

2021 Share the View / Polar Regions 1st / Mammals 2nd / 3 Honourable Mentions

2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year / Semi-Finalist

2020 Share the View /1st overall / 1st Polar Regions / 8 Honourable Mentions

2020 Nature’s Best Backyards / Highly Honoured

2020 Nature’s Best Semi-Finalist

2016 Magnum Photography Awards / Open Category 2nd

2013 Wake Awards / Photo of the Year



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Conservation Organization Associations & Ambassadorships

Dave Sandford Polar Bears International Ambassador


Dave Sandford One Blue Ocean Ambassador



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