The Art of Flight

Dave Sandford


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The Art of Flight

London, Ontario.

One of the things I love so much about heading out into the field each day is the element of the unknown. In the morning I leave the house with nothing other than visions, hopes & dreams.. I leave home with a blank canvas, & there is no way of telling what I will return home with at days end. That in itself makes every single day with a camera in my hand an exciting adventure of the unknown. An opportunity to create something brand new that no other person can or will ever replicate. No two single frames are ever the same. Working in nature, you have no control over what you might see or not see. Some days are a let down, other days are full of surprises & amazing moments. No matter what, every day has the potential for a special, rare or amazing moments. Sometimes it’s something simple, other days it’s the light, perhaps it’s a rarely seen moment or species. The more time you spend in the wild the great your chances are of seeing rare & wonderful moments. All of these things are elements of why I love what I do. The element of the unknown & the potential to witness & create something special. Other days you head out with the hope & anticipation of seeing & capturing a specific species. . Such as I did last last week when I set out to hopefully capture beautiful fall imagery of a buck in rutting season. However, what I came home with instead were images of owls (see previous post) & this great blue heron pictured here. A moment in time that had I not been there no human being would have ever seen. But through the magic of photography here I am, able to share the special moments I get to witness with all of you. Hidden away in my blind, I watched this heron land, wade around, catch some lunch & as seen here, take off to its next location. . All the while, hidden away, allowing it to peacefully go about its business none the wiser to my presence. Special memories for myself & a new ‘canvas’ which at the start of my day didn’t exist. . And all just steps away from home. There is so much to explore and experience if you just put yourself out there.. Get out & create, you never know what you might see!

Original Caption: Instagram 2020


©Dave Sandford.

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