Dave Sandford


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(Aki - Japanese for Autumn)

London, Ontario.

Another image captured here in my local woods. Great Horned Owl encounters have treated me very well this fall.
When I was a teenager I used to go to this forest to shoot in the mornings before my ‘real job’ I always remember on my walks home wishing how I could just stay, wishing I didn’t have to leave to go work, wishing that I could just take photos of animals and nature for the rest of my life.. and make it my career. All these years later it’s nice to think how dreams can come true if you set your mind on your goals. Little did I know back then, all these years later I would find myself back in this forest, spending all the time i care to in the woods, without anywhere else I have to be. In a year has been difficult for so many, including myself, it’s been so nice knowing I have this area to allow me to connect and interact with nature. It’s been awesome to have a project that keeps me shooting, doing something I love and learning so much about the animals I’ve been fortunate to spend a considerable amount of time with. I’m excited to keep rolling out this new material with you all on my social pages and will have a fresh new looking site re-launch soon. It’s exciting for me to share this content knowing it’s wildlife that literally lives mere steps from the home I grew up in. I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I’ve enjoyed being out there, capturing these moments to share with you.

Original Caption, Instagram 2020

©Dave Sandford.

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