Northern Reflection

Dave Sandford


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London, Ontario.

This is an image that holds a great deal of meaning for me. Not sure where to start. With the pandemic of 2020 keeping me grounded I focused my efforts on the ‘The Ravine’. A forested area down the street from home, behind my elementary school. It played a large part in my life & photographic journey. Growing up, I spent hours at a time in the ravine. I knew it like the back of my hand. Not much has changed over the last 20+ years (rare & nice to see)
In spring I hiked for days through the Bush reacquainting myself & tracking deer & their habits. When the lush colours of spring arrived I spent the better part of 2 months waking before dawn & making my way to some prime locations I’d scouted out & spent hours in my blind. The buck pictured her I got nicely acquainted with over a 6 week period. He had some distinct markings which made him easy to id. ‘Bucky’ (original I know) crossed this creek almost daily between about 6:30-8:30a.m & more often than not within 20’ of this particular spot. He could hear me, smell me but I remained hidden to him except for the giant ‘eye’ protruding from my hide. A handful of times he approached to investigate & get a better handle on my scent. I truly believe he got used to it, to me & the sound of the shutter. To the point where I eventually stepped outside the hide & Bucky had no issues with my presence. I think he associated the sounds & smells of the last 6 weeks with something harmless. Patience & perseverance paid off when an image I had envisioned & crafted (this one) all came to fruition when he crossed at the perfect point in the creek on this special morning. Ironically, after 6 weeks of trial & error, poor reflections, close crossings, no shows on Buckys part & bad weather.. this was sadly the last time I got to lay eyes on Bucky. I haven’t seen him since this moment occurred. Wherever you may be Bucky, thank you for providing me with some pretty special moments in what has been a really rough year. Bucky, his mates & my time in the Ravine have been hugely motivating & therapeutic. Nothing feeds the mind, souls & body like Mother Nature can.

Original caption from Instagram 2020

©Dave Sandford.

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