Mystic Morning

Dave Sandford


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Mystic Morning

London, Ontario

Another image from my local forest project. This Great Blue Heron regularly comes to perch on this particular branch. This image isn’t what I had set out to capture, however I was very pleased with the results. From a slightly different angle I had spent many many hours in my photo hide, looking to capture a high key backlit image in the early morning. However, my heron friend never showed on any of the days I arrived before dawn hiding out. However over the course of 2 weeks on the 3 days I arrived a little later.. there he was. With phenomenal eyesight & a jittery nature it was near impossible to get into close enough range without spooking him. Except for this one day! I managed to crawl through the tall grass & find a vantage point about 75’ away through the tall reeds. The heron spent about an hour hanging out & preening. In this particular moment (which looks quite graceful as a still) was anything but. It went to turn & slipped. Flapping its wings like mad & squawking like the grumpy old men they sound like for a few seconds trying to maintain balance. . Which it did. It was shortly after this that he collected himself & hopped on over to the next tree out of my view range. The collection of imagery from this one morning alone proved to be time very well spent. If you look closely you can see small bits of feathers flying through the air in the midst of this otherwise chaotic moment of maintaining balance for this heron. My little forest has turned into quite the little gem for me these last 8 months. It’s amazing what we can see & experience right in our own backyards if we take the time to explore a little.

Original Caption: Instagram 2020

 ©Dave Sandford

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