Dave Sandford


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London, Ontario.

Captured in my local forest back in the fall, this beautiful white tail doe & her fawn wandered up to me and spent almost an hour just hanging out. I had arrived to an area I know is a high traffic zone for deer & set up shop.. waiting less than 60 seconds before the pair appeared over a small hill just over my shoulder. I had crossed paths with this family a few times, so they were familiar with my presence, my sent and they carried on about their business almost as if I weren’t there. Every now and then she would pause to throw a look my way, to just keep tabs on me and what I was doing. This image is just one of a handful from this encounter, the beat part about this evening was simply just sitting there with the pair.. being present. People often ask how I am so successful with my wildlife photography & I often tell folks one of the keys to success is observation. I’ve learned so much over the years by simply observing. Observing after all is how much of what is people know about animals has come to be. I’d much rather sit in the woods staring at the real thing vs watching it on a documentary or nature show at home. There are plenty of times I put the camera down & simply just soak up the scene & watch the animals do their thing. It’s also a great way for animals to be relaxed & in turn observe you, it can allow them to the same thing you are doing with them, watch and learn. Animals are smart, they can recognize individuals, they have memories, they have a strong sense of smell & the more time you spend around them in an ethical manor, the more they will also learn about you. Spending some quality time in the woods can go a long way for your photographic opportunities. Whoever first said patience is a virtue.. was spot on.

Originally Captioned February 2021

©Dave Sandford.

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