Dave Sandford


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London, Ontario.

Meet ‘Bucky’ - a new friend I’ve had the good fortune of getting acquainted with in starting in the spring of 2020. During the course of the pandemic I have spent months in a ravine down the street from my childhood home. Over 100 hours have gone into scouting, planning & tracking deer & prime locations and hundreds of hours since shooting and tracking.  I’ve envisioned a couple of different shots which I’ve been attempting. Not the easiest task when the star is a wild animal. . They don’t always read the script! So many factors come into play. Weather, temperatures, time of day, light, lack of light, predators, people.. & my own patience.. sitting still, silently in a blind hoping & waiting for the stars to align. Waking at 4:30 a.m. daily to make the trek down, set up the hide & wait patiently. ‘Bucky’ fortunately has a morning routine of crossing this creek (along with a few of his friends) ‘Bucky’ is my one regular. He crosses almost daily (he likely crosses daily) but between 5:30-9:30 a.m he has crossed in that window almost 70% of the days I’ve spent here. So by learning his habits, I’ve been able to improve daily on how I capture him in frame. This particular image I captured a few weeks back on day 1 of shooting. I’ll start by leaving this one here.. & just say, yesterday (a special day for myself on the calendar) The universe spoke to me & perhaps ‘Bucky’ because the stars aligned & some magic was created. . An image & story I’m excited to share with you down the road in the near future. Mother Nature.. you provide such beautiful gifts.. my time in the ravine during this pandemic has been a saviour to me. Forever grateful for these opportunities. 

Originally Captioned July 2020

©Dave Sandford.

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